New history

The Bach regime in Croatia established 7 Countries. In 1886, it  brought in a law that established a new system for these 7 countries. Varaždin County was divided into 6 administrative Municipalities: Biškupec, Jalžabet, Petrijanec, Šemovec, Vidovec and Vinica. On January 1st , 1906,  the  7th Municipality of Križovljan Cestica was created. The previous arrangement which was the Municipality of Babinec, Dubrava Križovljanska, Natkrižovljan i Radovec they applied to VInica. The Municipality spread out through a  39 km2 area. At that time, there were 16 villages with 4230 inhibitants. The Municipality of Križovljan Cestica did not have its own military station, mail service and land register. They used these services from the Municipality of Vinica. First Mayor of the Municipality of Cestica was Karlo Tomažić.

After the First World War was over, the Municipality was disbanded.In 1952, the Municipality of Cestica joined the village Gornje Vratno. In 1993,  during the War of Independence in Croatia, the Municipality was  reestablished . The first Mayor in Cestica afrer Croatia created was Dražen Zebec. After his resignation, Mirko Korotaj took his place.  After his term ended, Vjekoslav Klasić became mayor. During the last elections,  Mirko Korataj was elected mayor once again.


Flag of the Municipal of Cestica

Worshipping of the Holy Cross  is the main event of Cestica’s centennial celebration on September 14th.

In 1997, the Municipality of Cestica government agreed to create its own coat of arms and flag.

Grb Općine Cestica

Description of the coat of arms

On the blue background there are three small green hills located at the bottom. On the centre hill, there is the silver cross surrounded by grape vines growing around it. In the middle of the cross, there is a bunch of golden grapes partially covering the cross.