Days of Municipality of Cestica

Come to Days of Municipality of Cestica


Thursday 14’Th September

12,00 – 13,00 program of Artists and Cultural association

                                Opening exhibitions of “Likovne kolonije Cestica 2006”

Friday 15’Th September

19,00-20,00 presentation of collection songs and painting workmanship of Evica Lazar

                    /In elementary school Cestica/

21,00 – 02,00 Night of “"B.R.N. 1 – Blues & Rock Night 1"
                              Woodoo Lizards, Cream Too, Nakupina Mi, in front of Municipality build

Saturday 16’Th September

10,00 – 17,00 Village games young’s

                    On the sport fields in elementary school Cestica

14,00 – 17,00 Presentation of association in Municipality of Cestica

                        Association of  wine-growers and cellars "Sv. Martin"
                        Sport fishing association  "Municipality of Cestica 1995."
                        Hunting Club "Sv. Hubert" Cestica
                        Association of retired person Cestica
                        Paraglider Club Wings Cestice

                        Presentation Turist zone Haloze – Zagorje

17,00 – 19,00 Ceremonial meting Board of Municipality of Cestica

    President of Board Mr. Marijan Lorbek    
    Mayor Mr. Mirka Korotaj
    District-prefect Mr. Radimir Čačić

Award avowal Municipality of Cestica

Aword reward for the best park, croft, balcony, work place and excitement.

Artists and Cultural programme

Kindergarten “Zeko” Cestica

Artists and Cultural association of Municilality of Cestica

19,00 – 22,00 Banquet for all

22.00 - 02.00 - 100 years of Municipality of Cestice
                           Show famous band

Sunday 17Th September

17,00-18,00 promotion movie “Prvi posjet biskupa Lovrečanu”
                           / In room of the Voluntary firefighter Lovrečan-Dubrava/
20,00 – 24,00 Show band El Nino (from Los Caballeros)