The Municipality of Cestica is situated in the north-west part of Croatia. One part of the Municipality is a rugged area with many vineyards. The second part of the Municipality is a valley situated along the Drava River. The Municipality covers an area of 46 square kilometres which is 3,8% of Varaždin Country. The Municipality has about 6.000 people who live in 20 different villages. The villages are Babinec, Brezje Dravsko, Cestica, Dubrava Križovljanska, Falinić Breg, Gornje Vratno, Jarki, Kolarovec, Križanče, Križovljan Radovečki, Mali Lovrečan, Malo Gradišće, Natkrižovljan, Otok Virje, Radovec, Radovec Polje, Selci Križovljanski, Veliki Lovrečan, Virje Križovljansko, and Vratno Otok. The largest village is Gornje Vratno, which has 1.132 inhabitants. The people of Municipality of Cestica are Croats and Catholic, and they are working mainly as farmers. The Municipality of Cestica borders the Municipality of Petrijanec, Vinica, Donja Voća, and the longest border is with Slovenia. 

Položaj općine Cestica

The Municipality of Cestica, on the national level, is most famous for its strategic border points with the EU: Dubrava Križovljanska – Zavrč i Otok Virje – Ormož. In the Municipality of Cestica, there is a part of the Ormož Lake that is a reservoir which is being used as an electrical power plant for the Varaždin area. Ormož Lakes are marked as a protected area.

The Municipality of Cestica has potential because of rich soil and unlimited quantities of irrigation water. Therefore, the soil is good for growing cereals, vineyards and vegetables.